jOOP v0.7

What is jOOP?

jOOP is a lightweight object oriented ajax-based pagination utility for jQuery.

What that means for you is that, whenever you need to pull in data from tables on a database, you can simply include jOOP in your project, and it will output a pre-sliced ajax return as a JSON array for custom processing (creating your own display methods and styles) or use with the included content-patterns of TABLE/DIV/LIST.

...And that means?

jOOP will automatically produce and link up the control structure for pagination of this content, whether it is a table, a list of records or a collection of divs, allowing for quick and robust data pagination.

For more information and some practical examples of what jOOP can do for you, click here. Or just download and get started right away, with the easily to follow source code.

jOOP in action

jOOP's built-in views

This is the default data table view, with alternating row colours and a hover state. The joop-views.css stylesheet allows you to quickly and easily fully customise the look, re-skinning it to suit your site best.

The joopContainer

jOOP does its business in a neat and tidy "joopContainer" element. Attaching any and all necessary child elements to it.

The typical layout is divided into 3 elements (2 divs and 1 span), allowing for various arrangements of Content, Control and Context information.

Try it out today!